Our Convenient Process

We Make Cleaning Your Gutters Easier Than Ever Before

Request an estimate for your service online, receive a price, confirm, fill out payment link (used for processing payment after service) and we will place you in our rotation and provide you with a start date.  We will be out within 1-14 days from your start date, weather permitting*.

Get A Free Estimate

Easily fill out this form and receive your price.  We will take a look at your home online and email you your estimate.

Order Service

Once you receive your quote and are ready to place an order, just respond to your email.  We will send you a paymentlink to fill out, once you fill it out we send you a confirmation. You are now in our rotation to get serviced.

Sit Back & Relax!

Once you are added to our schedule, our team will arrive at your property 1-14 days from your start date, weather permitting*. Most of our customers are either working or in-and-out throughout the day, so when we get there, we ring the doorbell to let anyone who is home know that we will be cleaning the gutters.

Gutter Cleaning & Inspection
With our own equipment, we clear your entire gutter system that is above ground, downspouts included. If we notice an issue or repair needed with your gutters during our post-cleaning inspection, we will be sure to bring it to your attention.

When we are finished, we clean up after ourselves, bag up the debris, and generally leave the bags by the garbage cans in your alley or driveway.

* We always do our very best to service all of our customers before snow or freezing temperatures but this is not always possible with the unpredictable Chicago weather. If extreme weather prevents us from coming out within your scheduled time or date, we will resume your cleaning as soon as we have safe working conditions.

Make Payment

We will email you your invoice for your records and a few days later process the infomation you provided when you scheduled with us. You can also prepay for service with Chase QuickPay or Zelle, please use scheduling@windycityguttercleaning.com